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Very Lamb |身羊肉

Very Lamb |身羊肉

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Protein is one of the most important macronutrients for your dog. Contains the Right Amount of Fats. One of the benefits of lamb dog food is that it provides the perfect amount of dietary fat. Great for Dogs with Food Allergies and It Tastes Great!

Weight: 1kg (5 packs x 200g)

Ingredients:Protein, vegetables, chicken liver, fish oil, organic brown rice, pasta, The Petslave Superfood.



分量: 1kg (5 packs x 200g)

材料 :
肉类,蔬菜,鱼油,Organic 糙米,The Petslave Superfood


Petslave fresh food is freshly prepared every week to keep it fresh

Will ship out order via cold chain delivery once the new batch is ready

Delivery period after shipping:
Klang valley 1-3 days
Outstation 2-4 days

What's inside

Fresh Food:
Selected meat(chicken breast/salmon/ mutton/ beef/ dory), broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, cabbage, coconut flakes, parsley, fish oil.


Chicken breast/ beef heart/beef lung/salmon skin & apple


Beef/salmon/chicken breast, oat powder, broccoli, cheese, goat milk powder,sweet potato

How to store

Fresh food:

Store in freezer, defrost before feeding.

Keep fresh up to 2 mths(freezer)

Keep fresh up to 2 days(chiller)


Store in room temperature, keep fresh up to 3 months.

Serve it as treats or food topping.

When will i receive

Fresh Food:
We've set every tues-thurs for cold chain pick up.

Klang Valley - receive by thurs-sat.

Outstation - 2-5 working days after cold chain picked up. Some outskirt area may takes longer delivery period, you may check with our customer service for the exact delivery period.


For treats only we can ship via normal parcel which take 2-5 days after picked up.

*All subject to availability, if your selected order have run out of stock, we may take some time to prepare your order, kindly check with our cs if your order is urgent.


Feeding Guide

Standard fresh food 200g/pack

Owner may adjust based on your furkid's age, weight, and activeness.

Here's the guide:
<4kg : 50g/meal

4-7kg : 100g/meal

8-12kg : 200g/meal

13-20kg: 300g/meal

>20kg :400g/meal

*we advise owners to feed twice a day


You may feed anytime anywhere as long as you and your furkids happy!

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