1. Is Petslave food cooked or raw?

Our food is fully cooked using proven recipes and human-grade ingredients that promote your dog's health. All the fresh food and treats that you receive are prepared with love by our Petslave chefs and bakers, not from a factory.

  1. Why should I feed my dog fresh food?

Simply put, you wouldn't want to eat biscuits for the rest of your life, so why feed your dog only dry kibble? When you think of "healthy food," what comes to mind? Poke bowls! Petslave's fresh food is your dog's equivalent of a delicious and nutritious pawkebowl.

  1. Which recipe is best suited for my dog?

You can read about the benefits of each recipe or consult with our pet nutritionist through our chat or Facebook Messenger.

  1. How much should I feed my dog?

We advise feeding your dog according to their weight and level of activity. Some senior dogs may have a reduced appetite, so you may need to adjust their portion sizes accordingly. Generally, we recommend a serving size of 200g/pack, divided into two meals a day:

  • For dogs under 4kg: 50g/meal
  • For dogs weighing 5-7kg: 100g/meal
  • For dogs weighing 8-14kg: 200g/meal
  • For dogs weighing 15-20kg: 300g/meal
  • For dogs over 20kg: 300-400g/meal
  1. How should I store and serve my dog's food?

Please keep the food frozen upon receipt. Defrost the food before serving. You have several options for defrosting:

a) Remove one pack from the freezer and keep it in the fridge for one day before feeding.

b) Microwave defrost for two minutes.

c) If your dog is particularly picky, you may choose to heat the food up, but allow it to cool down to room temperature before serving.

  1. What should I do with the leftover food?

For example, if your dog is a Pomeranian and only eats 1/4 pack per meal, we recommend that you defrost one pack and remove the portion you need, keeping the rest in the fridge.

The remaining food should be consumed within two days.

  1. How long does the fresh food last?

The fresh food can be kept frozen for 2-3 months / refrigerated for 2 days.

  1. Will my dog experience vomiting or diarrhea after switching to fresh food?

It is common for dogs to experience some digestive upset during the food transition period. If your dog has only eaten kibble or has a sensitive stomach, you may notice watery stools during the transition period.

Don't worry - this is a normal part of the adjustment process. We recommend mixing the fresh food with the old food during the transition period, which typically lasts 7-14 days.

Once your dog's stool returns to normal, it means they are ready to enjoy a full serving of fresh food!

     9. Is this suitable for puppy/senior dogs?

Yes dear! Our fresh food is blended well and even puppy/senior dogs with less teeth can eat too! 

Fresh food is suitable for puppy after 2 mths old.


1.Delivery Period:

Our fresh food is made fresh every week and shipped out via cold chain delivery.

Once a new batch of food is ready, the cold chain will come to pick it up the next day.

Please note that we may be out of stock for certain flavors at times, so kindly be patient with your order shipping.

Klang Valley estimated delivery time is 1-3 days after the cold chain has picked up your order. However, some outskirt areas like Dengkil/Semenyih may take a longer period.

Outstation estimated delivery time is 2-7 days after the cold chain has picked up your order. However, some outskirt areas may take longer periods, like 7-14 days.

Cold chain pick up period: Monday - Friday.

2.Why Cold Chain Delivery?

Petslave's fresh food is cooked with human-grade ingredients and kept frozen once it's ready. Our food does not contain any preservatives, so as of now, we are shipping via cold chain delivery.

Delivery Fee:

The standard cold chain delivery fee is RM18 for Klang Valley and RM25 for outstation deliveries.
Some long journey places might have additional charges.

3.Non-Frozen Goods:

If you are only buying non-frozen goods like treats, snacks, or superfood, we will be shipping them via normal parcel.

4.Self Pick-Up:

Yes, you can do self-pickup. Our kitchen is located at Icon City Petaling Jaya. Kindly arrange your pick-up date and time two days before with our customer service to ensure a smooth pick-up process.

Standard pick-up period: Monday - Friday, 11 AM - 6 PM.

You may place order via website/ facebook messager with our customer service.